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Green Roofs

website:  Live Roof

Installing a green roof has never been easier. Live Roof, a division of Hortech, has developed a modular green roof growing system that will offer green roofs on projects where it would never have been possible before. The patented system consists of interlocking plastic trays, soil retainers and growing media planted with a selection of regionally appropriate water loving, draught-tolerant plants. Designed and planted at the Hortech nursery, the plants take about 6-weeks to develop enough sustainable growth to allow for installation.

The trays come in a variety of depths to allow for plant variety, water runoff handling and roof structural limitations. The interlocking containers are transported to the roof by converyor. The installers simply interlock the section for a monolythic green roof. Besides ease of installation, the interlocking sections allow for roof repair or modification if needed in the future.

Contact Julie Ardner for more information of to arrange a tour of the greenhouse.