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"Nerd Up" Michigan

You've heard it before; "Man Up" or  depending on what part of the country you are from,"Cowboy Up". Both statements imply similar meaning... individual responsibility. It's time that Michigan adopted a statement of personal responsibility and in honor of the new governor I'm offering, "Nerd Up Michigan".

Rick Snyder was not my first choice for governor during the primary. In all honesty he was never higher than fourth on my list of preferred candidates. I was wrong. Rick Snyder is exactly what Michigan needs in the governor's office. He is a Michigan man to the core and Michigan needs a governor that not only loves this state but one that believes in our ability to turn things around. Business men think differently than politicians when confronted by a problem. As a small business I know that when income is reduced expenditures have to be reduced in proportion. Raising prices may bring a short-term spike in income but are quickly followed by even deeper losses when your customers find alternative suppliers or decide to forgo your product or service altogether.

Washington is not the answer to Michigan's problems. Washington's reckless spending and over reaching regulation contribute to Michigan's historic decline over the past 10 years. I'm not discounting the global nature of the economic trials facing Michigan. What I am suggesting is that revival has to start in Michigan by Michiganders. Rivival doesn't start in Lansing it starts on the streets of Flint, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Detroit and every other community within the borders of this great state. Waiting for someone else to solve our problems requires faith greater than any religion and an assumption that someone else can or is even willing to fix our problems.

I don't have a "dog in the hunt" with regards to the proposed bridge connecting Detroit to Windsor. Whether the bridge is necessary isn't my point here. What I found interesting is Mr. Snyder's innovative thinking and his ability to forge partnerships. The collaborative effort required to make this project possible without incurring public debt was innovative. What was brilliant was his negotiation with the feds to allow the Canadian investment in our roads to be counted as matching funds in securing federal money for road construction projects. If memory serves me, for the past several years we've heard proposal from the previous administration that we needed a gas tax increase in order to secure our fair share of federal funds. A new bridge and federal matching funds without incurring debt or raising prices at the pump... now that's a new way of thinking.

Governor Snyder has my attention and my support. I intend to contribute to the success of Michigan by working towards that goal. Michigan needs all of its citizens to collaborate in moving forward. The governor asked for our help I urge you to give it to him. Nerd Up Michigan!




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