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System Design

The EPA reports that most heating and cooling systems are oversized for the buildings they heat and cool. Oversizing is problematic on every level. Systems that are oversized are more expensive to purchase, cost more to operate, do not heat and cool properly, require more maintenance and need replacement sooner.

Oversized systems have shorter run times, so they do not heat or cool the building evenly. This results in rooms or even entire floors that are several degrees different than the thermostat settings. Short cycling also results in more wear and tear from excessive starting and stopping, with equipment never running long enough to run efficiently.

If you are looking to replace HVAC equipment or build a new building or addition, The Home Inspector General, Inc. can help you properly size the equipment necessary to ensure efficient and comfortable operation.

Using state of the art software, The Home Inspector General, Inc. can determine heating and cooling loads on your building. Based on these calculations a properly sized distribution system can be determined to help your contractor select the proper equipment for your needs.

Before you make an investment in HVAC equipment, call The Home Inspector General, Inc. for a free telephone consultation.