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Indoor Air Quality


In 1984, childhood asthma rates were 4%. By 2004, the rate had risen to 40%. The air in our homes is 5 to 10 times dirtier than the outdoors. As we develop new materials to improve our lives, we continue to bring more and more chemicals into our homes, creating a chemical soup that is damaging our children and their ability to develop normally.

The General understands the importance of living in a healthy indoor environment and has been helping families improve their homes' indoor air quality since 1986. When we feel bad, we typically call the doctor, a pill is prescribed and we feel better - for a while. Pills do not cure environmentally induced health problems, they relieve (or mask) the symptoms. Immune systems continue to deteriorate until pills no longer offer any relief.

The General has been helping clients improve the indoor environmental quality of their homes. While indoor air quality issues are easily addressed when building a new home or addition, solving problems in existing homes is more complicated. While whole-house renovations are possible they are often beyond the budget of most middle income families. Addressing the problem on a smaller scale by creating a "safe" room environment within the house may offer relief to a single member of the family until your budget allows for a larger project.

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