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Home Inspections

Effective January 1, 2007 The Home Inspector General, Inc. no longer offered structural, roofing, heating, electrical or plumbing inspections for home buyers or sellers. We are pleased to recommend Chuck Wiersum, Home Inspection Services of West Michigan for your home buying or selling inspection needs. Chuck has been inspecting properties in West Michigan for nearly 30-years.

Our inspection service was not your typical visual condition inspection offered by the Real Estate home inspection industry in Michigan. So we do not offer home inspections for the purposes of buying or selling a property.

The Home Inspector General, Inc. was originally founded as a traditional home inspection service company. Since 1986, we have inspected over 16,000 homes for home buyers, sellers, lenders, and insurance and government agencies. The experience gained from thousands of home inspections began to reveal a pattern of building system failures that led us to specialize in healthy home, environmental and energy efficient evaluations.

Until recently, Michigan had the weakest energy code in the nation. The result is higher than expected energy bills. With high energy bills a leading cause of mortgage defaults, The Home Inspector General, Inc. has decided it would be in our customers' best interests to offer energy information as part of our home inspection services. We focus more on energy performance problems than system condition inspections. If you are interested in a "traditional"; home inspection or the cheapest inspection service, you should contact another home inspection service company.

If you are interested in understanding the performance issues associated with your home, call The Home Inspector General, Inc. today for more information concerning our home inspection services.