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Energy Audits

Energy use accounts for nearly 14% of the average Michigan household budget. As energy costs rise and wages remain flat, consumers are becoming concerned about the thermal performance of their homes.

Energy Audits should be considered a process rather than a service. Depending on your needs, The General can provide you with the level of service that best fits your budget and needs.

Why would you contract for an energy audit? There is no single right reason to order an energy audit. However, there are several problems that could trigger an energy audit.

  • High energy bills
  • Ice dams
  • Comfort problems
  • Short or Long HVAC operating timesSave & Close
  • Proper Equipment Sizing before replacement
  • Prior to remodelling

Packaged Energy Diagnostic Services:

Residential Energy Survey: Level I - Due to the limited value to the client we do not offer or recommend Level I Energy Audits

 Residential Energy Audit: Level II Energy Audit consists of computer modeling of your residential structure including data from blower door testing to determine where your energy dollars are being wasted. The audit measures the house and its components, the thermal assembly and the fenestrations (doors and windows) to develop computer-generated reports that are used to offer the client cost-effective repair strategies. (starting at $500)**

Residential Energy Audit w/Infrared: Level III Energy Audit includes the service listed above plus an infrared survey of the thermal envelope. The auditor will capture a representative sampling of the types of thermal envelope defects to help you determine the most cost effective thermal repairs. (starting at $600)**

Infrared Study: Involves the thermal imaging evaluation of the entire thermal envelope (foundation walls, above-grade walls and ceiling). Thermal anomalies are captured with the infrared camera and documented with a corresponding digital image. Infrared technology is a simple process effective in pinpointing deficiencies in the thermal shell. (starting at $300)**

Commercial Energy Audit: An exhaustive study of energy bills, water usage, the thermal envelope and mechanical equipment. ($500 plus $0.20/square foot)

Individual Energy Diagnostic Services:

  • Blower Door Testing (to locate air leaks in the structure)
  • Infrared Testing (isolate insulation problems, moisture, hot spots and other thermal anomalies)
  • Duct Leakage Testing (to quantify the amount of lost air in the HVAC ductwork system)
  • Airflow Testing (to determine proper airmovement in the structure)
  • Pressure Pan Testing (verify air flow through fans and fixtures)
  • Computer Energy Modeling (to determine what your eenrgy bills should be and isolate where your energy dollars are wasted)
  • Energy Star Rating (to qualify a house for Energy Efficiant or Energy Improvement Mortgages)
  • Improvement Analysis (to determine the cost effectiveness of energy remodeling features and costs)
  • Energy Improvement Mortgage compliance
  • Energy Efficient Mortgage compliance

Ala carte services are $120/hour with a 2-hour minimum plus trip charge of $0.52/mile portal/portal.

Call The General today to determine which energy service is right for you!

**Package costs are based on level of service, size and location of structure.