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Hart Water Company

phone: 1 616-454-9434

website: http://www.HartWater.com

If you think that the quality of your potable water can't (or shouldn't) be improved let me challenge you to call Hart Water Company. If you think that soap scum, rust stains and water spots are just a nuisance and don't affect your pocketbook you should talk to one of their certified water quality specialists.

Water treatment isn't just about softening your water though that is still a component of the process. Water quality addresses hardness (mineral content) but it also includes taste, odor, and color. Hart offers an environmentally friendly line of Kinetico Water Conditioners. These units are energy efficient (no electric needed) and salt stingy (easy on the environment). Hart also offers a line of Reverse Osmosis water treatment system for point of use. I was skeptical about RO until I installed a system after an overnight "tea test". Much of the bottle water that I used to purchase is tap water that has been RO treated. I'm saving money bypassing the middleman and reducing the impact of plastic bottles ending up in landfills or worse (the ocean).

Hart Water Company has a small town service mentality and a big town talent. Give them a call, see how they can serve you.