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I don't refer contractors lightly. In fact I think it would be safe to say that I have never recommended a company whose service I did not first try out on my own home or business. Rivertown Windows recently installed a new bow window in my home and two awning windows in my attached garage.

I don't typically recommend replacing windows, for energy efficiency alone. Better reasons to change windows are function, health and safety. You might also change windows if you want to update the curb appeal of a tract or agin home. 

We chose a bow window for several reasons; improve function, ventilation and curb appeal. Side benefits included; improve daylight harvesting and comfort, reduced maintenance, lower energy bills and a feeling of room enlargement.

We chose Rivertown Windows for the work because no one makes a higher performing window or has a better reputation in the industry. We were not disappointed.  You can tell a lot about a company by observing the crew that is sent to your home. The men that arrived on time. They were polite and professional. There were all business. No smoking, swearing or loud music. Unable to finish in a single day they cleaned up the job site before leaving and kept us informed on their progress and reason for any delay in finishing the work. That type of professionalism is a reflection of ownership. Professional expectation begins at the top at Rivertown Windows and carries through the company.

We took before an after digital and infrared images of the project. I'll post them in a report in the Education section of this site in the near future. Take a look and see what the science tells you, not the marketing material.

If you have a need for replacement windows or are thinking about building a new home or office I am pleased to recommend Rivertown Windows for your consideration. You won't be disappointed. Tell them The General sent you.



Image Design

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Extraordinary results require extraordinary design. Image Design LLC is a leader in the industry of innovative environmental design. Involving a designer in your green building project is a wise investment when building a home for your family. Innovative design ensures a family of a home that embraces their dreams and respects their budget. Innovative design removes system redundancies to reduce overall costs while maximizing performance. Image Design is a member of Team Hybrid. Give Eric a call, you'll be glad you did.


Hart Water Company

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If you think that the quality of your potable water can't (or shouldn't) be improved let me challenge you to call Hart Water Company. If you think that soap scum, rust stains and water spots are just a nuisance and don't affect your pocketbook you should talk to one of their certified water quality specialists.

Water treatment isn't just about softening your water though that is still a component of the process. Water quality addresses hardness (mineral content) but it also includes taste, odor, and color. Hart offers an environmentally friendly line of Kinetico Water Conditioners. These units are energy efficient (no electric needed) and salt stingy (easy on the environment). Hart also offers a line of Reverse Osmosis water treatment system for point of use. I was skeptical about RO until I installed a system after an overnight "tea test". Much of the bottle water that I used to purchase is tap water that has been RO treated. I'm saving money bypassing the middleman and reducing the impact of plastic bottles ending up in landfills or worse (the ocean).

Hart Water Company has a small town service mentality and a big town talent. Give them a call, see how they can serve you.