The Home Inspector General, Inc. was established in 1986 to assist investors in evaluating the condition of potential investment properties. Two years later, a home-buyer inspection service was offered. In those days, attending the home inspection was not an option for potential buyers. Inspections were performed for the protection of lenders, FHA and VA. The cost was the responsibility of the buyer, but they were not involved in the process. The Home Inspector General, Inc. changed that inequity. By inviting the home-buyer to attend the inspection, The Home Inspector General, Inc. became a pioneer in customer service. Today most buyers wouldn't dream of making a home purchase without attending the inspection.

The Home Inspector General, Inc. has remained innovative by introducing on-site computer generated reports. While many home inspection companies provide checklist reports to keep costs to a minimum,The Home Inspector General, Inc. has long felt that boiler plate checklists do not serve the needs of the client. While checklists may be easier and less expensive to produce than computer generated narrative reports, they also limit the amount of information that the inspector can provide to the customer.

In Michigan, the home inspection industry remains unregulated. That hasn't stopped The Home Inspector General, Inc. from seeking industry-related certifications to ensure that the services offered to its clients were state of the art.

The Home Inspector General, Inc. has fostered a culture of continued education by completing training and achieving proficiency in the following ancillary inspection areas:

  • Radon Testing
  • Lead-based paint risk assessment and testing
  • Indoor Environmental Quality testing
  • Energy Star® for homes
  • Healthy home audits
  • Environmental building practice
  • LEED AP+ Homes