Is your home healthy, safe, energy efficient and environmentally friendly? Is your family comfortable in your home? Is your home free of drafts and odors? Are they warm in the winter and cool in the summer? Is your 

income keeping pace with rising energy costs? Is your eaveline free of harmful ice formations in the winter?

Chances are that you've answered NO to one or more of these questions. The General would like to help you change that to YES in every case. Well almost every case. We can't help you improve your income but we can help you reduce your energy usage to reduce the impact of rising costs.

Sustainability and green building are not just industry buzzwords or good ideas. They are lifestyle choices that every consumer makes everyday that impact their families. The impact can be good or bad, great or insignificant depending on the choices you make. The General is dedicated to helping you understand what choices are available to help you in your quest to improve the quality of the life of your family.        

The General is a 3rd-party inspection service. We do not offer remediation services. By accepting only a fee for service from our clients you are assured that we only have your best interest at heart. Energy Audit companies that offer services at "no charge" are only shifting the cost. You'll pay for the audit by purchasing their over-priced energy mitigation services. Many energy audit companies offer "no charge" initial audits and "no charge" construction facilitation, don't be fooled. They are reimbursed for their services by inflating the cost of the repair work. The industry average is 10 - 15% above the market rate for those services. So rather than paying a fair fee for an energy audit you pay a higher amount for the repair work. An audit that would normally cost $500 - $600 could end up costing you $1000 or more, much more! So when you see "free" or "no charge" ask yourself, How much is this really going to cost me? And who is the auditor really working for?

If the answers to your questions are not found in the content of this site please feel free to Ask the General.